About the Department

In fine arts field, the interdisciplinary studies, various art techniques that are applied together skid in to mostly three dimensionality, nowadays, destroying of the borders, In the contemporary art orientation, authenticity and the differences are evaluated on the international platform.

Gazi University fine arts faculty, the department of sculpture will also form the wanted differences in our country where is rich in art and he cultural background. The opening aim is  to bring up artists who can produce contemporary works of art that will make us authentic among the other cultures. The department that we hope to fill  the important emptiness, it has got enough  instructors in amount and equipped (qualified) instructors.

The department aiming at gaining their students  technical  information, ability and art formation (training), the education will be conducted via theoretical  and applied courses .

As well as the Modelling studios, metal, wood, stone and pattern studios are existing. Via selective studio and the theoretical courses, the graduate students who increase the education quality and variety will have the opportunity of working  in similar art fields as well as being a freelance sculptor, such as being a sculptor based on monumental and architectural applications, being an environmental planner, in various institutions and organizations being art educators  and being art consultants.

The department of Sculpture Graduate Programme is prepared by taken into account of the latest developments in the contemporary art field. The content of the programme is formed from the courses of discussions in both general art hardware and the art problems. The structure of the problem is flexible and most of the theoretical courses are prepared as selective ones. In the suggested programme about the selected field, the application studios and the courses for application mainly exists. The applications which will be performed, aims to obtain the individuals’ personal expressions and their authentic, artistic creativity to be presented, not their atmosphere of sculpture art or their state to be exemplified.